What is the Cosmic Cowgirl Style?

What is the Cosmic Cowgirl Style?

Saddle up, fashion enthusiasts! There's a new trend in town that's bringing together the rugged spirit of the Wild West and the cosmic allure of the unknown. Say hello to the Cosmic Cowgirl Style - a classy combination of cowboy, western and rock n roll! 

Where Western Flair Meets Cosmic Charm. 

This style first started appearing on Tiktok where girls would film a 'get ready with me' video where they would put together an outfit based on the aesthetic of 'Space Cowgirl/Cosmic Cowgirl'. These outfits were a combination of western cowgirl styles and the classic futuristic aesthetic. 

So what key elements do you need to successfully recreate this style? 

Start by taking some modernised western style and add some sparkle to it, such as a cowboy hat with some bling or holographic spraypaint. Other items commonly found in this aesthetic is holographic bodysuits and cowgirl boots. 

This style is easily recreated by adding some moon and stars or bling to a rustic, retro outfit. Inspiration is drawn from past trends of Y2K and Western styles - think Harry Styles concert outfits, disco balls, tassles, astrology, horse girls and Euphoria make-up. 

This trend incoraptes silvers, pinks, tassles, glitter, sequins, gems, feathers, stars, disco balls, country, rock n roll and holographic styles. Think party girl meets cowgirl - future meets the past - glam meets country. 

Cosmic Cowgirl allows for creativity and personality by blending the rugged charm of the Wild West with the ethereal beauty of the cosmos, this trend allows individuals to express their unique sense of fashion

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